Mania Starts Off GREAT, then the world comes to a halt. But I thank God I am still here

Here we go again…by popular demand. Leave your comments.

Centurion Strong Mental Health Alliance

I remember in my younger days. I didn’t know exactly what bipolar disorder or mania was. In the beginning I would go into these deep depressions. I would listen to dark music because it fit my mood. Then here we go, mania time! ! I was piped and ready to take on the world. Mania has ideas that start coming on very fast. I had this increased amount of energy. I had little need for sleep.. I was always so ‘happy, and great to be around at parties. When I was in college I was an honor student, won major scholarships that would have paid for my future education. I was president of ‘everything.’ The ideas were coming in fast; I felt I could achieve anything. I think I started over 17 businesses over the course of a few years. I was so busy starting new businesses, because it was…

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