Lately I’ve been pondering this question, “What is my purpose”? Life just can’t be about existing. Not only do people with a mental illness question their purpose. Most people, at some point in their life, ask themselves about their life purpose. I’ve found that purpose isn’t a noun. It isn’t a stationary thing. Purpose, in this sense, is more like a verb. It’s an action. It’s always moving and evolving. You never really ‘arrive.’

I used to define my purpose by my outside responsibilities. I was a wife, a mother, an employee and a friend. I was satisfied with my life. But now my children are adults with families of their own. I’m no longer a wife. So again I ask myself; what am I now, who am I now, what do I do, how can I be significant? When you are in the thralls of mental illness, you may not be able to see a purpose or direction.

One article I read, and maybe you have seen this as well, asks the question, “If you had all the money you needed, what would you do with your life?” You think that would be an easy question to answer. Maybe you would travel. Maybe you would start a business. Maybe you would go back to school? Whatever that is, it’s personal to you. I had to go back and remember what were some of the things that I liked to do. What were the things that I was passionate about? What were the things that excited me? I loved Community Theater. I love to sing and I love to write. As I became and ‘adult’, I gave up all those things because I worked a 9 to 5. But, those things made me happy.

What are the things you are passionate about? What are the things that make you smile when you go back over your life?

I am a very goal oriented person. I am a very disciplined person. And to find your purpose you have to be both and you have to be ready to ask yourself the tough questions.

  • What is it I want to do with my life?
  • What were the things I am good at?
  • What are the things I am bad at and how can I improve those areas?
  • What can I learn about my talents and how can I showcase them?
  • Who are the people in my life that are supportive and who are the people I may need to separate from?
  • How can I build my team?
  • What am I afraid of that has kept me from living my purpose all along?
  • What am I ready to sacrifice in order to reach my goals? (Because there will be some sacrifice)

Be prepared to not like some of your answers. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable. This just means you may need to redirect you energy in another direction, and that’s ok. So what do I do now?

You take a slow breath and commit to making a difference in your life and in the lives of others. This life isn’t just to serve us, but to empower others along the way.

Realize your goals, your dreams isn’t built in a day. It’s built one day at a time and one decision at a time.

Don’t wait until you think you are 100% ready. Most great achievers will tell you, they had to move out of their comfort zone to reach their level of success.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

  • Henry Ford, known for his American made car line, in earlier business attempts failed and left him broke five times before he founded the successful Fort Motor Company.
  • Harland David Sanders, better know as Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, had his famous chicken recipe rejected 1,009 times before a restaurant accepted it.
  • Dick Cheney flunked out of Yale University – twice– but he went on to become Vice President of the United States.

Let go of the past and set your mind toward your future. Let go of old wounds of what didn’t happen and commit to right here and right now; this is a new day and a new plan.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in prayer. It is everything for me. It’s my foundation on which all my plans are made. It keeps me grounded and let’s me know I’m supported in all my endeavors. It also let’s me know that, even when I may not feel like it, I am loved.

Make your decision to reach out today. Your life matters. We are all in this fight together.



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