PROBING QUESTIONS: Necessary questions to ask when counseling someone with mental illness. Galatians 6:2

Here are the baseline mental health questions I ask during an initial pastoral counseling visit:

  1. Are you currently taking any medication for this condition? If so, what and how much? If not, have you considered it?
  1. Does your family have a history of this condition? Has anybody else in your family taken medication for this issue?
  1. Are your parents/children/other family members aware of what this issue is doing to you? Do they think that you should be on medication?
  1. Do your parents/children/other family members want you to be on medication?
  1. Have you had a mental health evaluation? If so, what were the findings? If not, are you interested in having one?

—Elliott Anderson is senior pastor of Elgin Evangelical Free Church in Elgin, Illinois; adapted from our sister publication Leadership Journal, © 2007 Christianity Today. For more articles like this, visit


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