“Direct Link Between Sin and Mental Illness”: The Mental Health Denialism of Voddie Baucham

This is why people who don’t know Christ and have a mental illness, won’t turn to the church for solutions. The mental illness already make them feel alone, but now we telling them that God doesn’t want them either. Yes there is sin in the world. But if he had cancer, I am sure he wouldn’t hesitate to get to the doctor for treatment. Mental illness is a MEDICAL illness, like diabetes or cancer. We wouldn’t beat them up about their illness. We try to make them comfortable. If I have a brain disorder, in my case bipolar disorder, I deserve to be treated respectfully and not with the stigma that is attached to it.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

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I recently listened to Voddie Baucham’s sermon “Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind.” Baucham is a popular speaker at Christian homeschool conventions — particularly as an advocate of corporal punishment for shy children and the stay-at-home-daughter movement. Baucham is also the Pastor of Preaching at Grace Family Baptist, where he delivered this sermon on April 8, 2012. Using a tenuous and strained exegesis of Daniel 4:4-37 and an extraordinarily outdated 1950’s anti-psychiatry worldview from Thomas Szasz, Baucham attempts to answer the following 2 questions: (1) What is the biblical view of mental health? And (2) How should Christians think about what he calls “the mental health industry”?

Here is Grace Family Baptist’s full description of the sermon:

It is difficult to go through Daniel chapter 4 without realizing that, in our day and time, Nebuchadnezzar would have been diagnosed…

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